Water is the principle of all things

– Talete –


The covers are among the most important accessories for a pool. We make them tailor-made for every type of pool. We guarantee comfort, hygiene and safety.

In the summer season they protect water from impurities and reducing evaporation. In this way, the water temperature cools less quickly and saves on heating.

There are safety covers, on which children can walk, without getting hurt. In the winter season, the covers are ideal to prevent the proliferation of algae and allow the same water to be reused in the following season.

Our service includes the sale of covers or a more complete service of winter installation, summer removal and storage in the warehouse, for those who do not have enough space.


We install pool side solar showers for your maximum comfort.

The solar shower offers hot water naturally and without any heating system, as the water contained in the shower body is heated by the sun and maintains an ideal temperature for a long time. Just connect it to the tap with a simple flexible hose, of which there are different models in colored polyethylene or aluminum.

Economical and ecological, they also offer a pleasant look to match the style of your home and your pool: from classic design, to vintage from modern to the most sought after, the solar showers are available in a wide range of materials, colors and finishes.

The types of solar garden showers provide the ability to rest on the flooring through different types of feet: silicone, with suction cups or even with wheels.


The hydromassage poll give truly relaxing moments.

The permanence in water becomes a relaxing and energizing moment, in which to recover the energies and find the right psycho-physical balance.

The swimming pool nozzles and a specific pump mix water and air: on a physical level, it stimulates the circulation, favors the drainage of liquids, the decrease in blood sugar and muscle toning. At the psychic level, the release of endorphins induces a pleasant sensation of well-being and relaxation.

The pool hydromassage kit can be used in all pools. There are various solutions for hydromassage pool systems and prices vary accordingly: hydromassage kits with wall nozzles; geysers with floor nozzles; complex hydromassage beds.

The cost depends on the type of relaxation area that you want to achieve and will be amply repaid by the benefits that the body will derive from it.