The water is your don't have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.

- Alexander Popov -
Do I need planning permission for my swimming pool?

To build a private pool (not for public use) you must submit a SCIA (Certified Report to start work) to the municipality on whose territory you intend to achieve it.

What is the current legislation?

This is the Testo Unico sull'Edilizia DPR 380/2001.

Do I need to have my above ground pool installed by a professional?

Pool installation is a task often best handled by the experts. First of all, contact your trusted technician. He will have to contact the municipal technician for precise information on the local regulations. Then we will think of everything.

If I install an inground pool, does my house become luxury?

The legislation (Decreto del Ministero dei Lavori Pubblico 2 August 1969) provides that only pools above 80 square meters can lead to a change in land registry category. Those smaller in size should have at least 4 other requirements. Ask for further explanations to the municipal technician.

How do I decide on my pool design?

Our expert staff will assist you in the bespoke design of your swimming pool providing recommendations on shape, size, depth, steps, tiles and the finishing of your swimming pool.

Who will take care of the maintenance of my pool?

Our expert staff can take care of your pool from design to maintenance and renovation. We take care of seasonal openings and closures and always offer security and comfort.

Should I cover my swimming pool?

All pools should be covered when not in use as this will reduce heat loss and evaporation from the surface and cut your running costs significantly.

What type of cover should I have?

There are a number of covers available. Our expert staff will recommend the most suitable cover for your pool and your requirements.

I have young children, what safety precautions should I take?

The best form of safety protection is the safety cover BlueGuard. This is a cover that supports the weight of several people and avoid accidents.