If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water

– Loren Eiseley –

We take care to our client.  We maintain any type of pool and we follow the client in every need.

Our professional staff takes care of the monitoring of the pool and proposes if more suitable solutions.

We take care of the seasonal cleaning, the summer opening and winter closure of your pool.


We offer a complete service: you will not have to worry about any aspect.

We check your swimming pool and propose actions to improve the conditions:

  • the replacement of the deteriorated covering;
  • or complete renovation by changing the system, accessories and cladding.

Our pool control also has a preventive function: in this way it is possible to predict and avoid leaks or system malfunctions.

Seasonal cleaning

During the pool opening season, we take care of all the restart phases:

  • putting the swimming pool and the filter system into operation;
  • cleaning the tank and the prefilter;
  • supply and dosage of chemical products:
  • verification of water parameters

We remove winter coverage and offer safekeeping for those with space limitations. We also check the correct functioning of cleaners and control units, supply spare parts and accessories for any type of pool and offer a complete range of specific products and solutions for water treatment.

Ordinary maintenance

Your pool needs to be treated to avoid damage and breakage.
After an initial check-up we agree with the client a schedule of recurring operations and we plan a series of checks for cleaning, for ordinary maintenance, for the control and verification of water values. Let’s not forget the verification and possible replacement of small elements subject to wear, such as grills and overflow channels, the skimmer doors, the headlights and lamps, the steps of the ski ladders.

Searching of loss

We offer a loss search service through a special tracking kit.

The system makes it possible to identify leaks in the plants and in the tank.
If the loss occurs during the season of use of the pool, there is the possibility of identifying the loss, arrange it provisionally with a temporary underwater intervention, but guaranteed to last until the end of the season, in view of the definitive interventions.

Water treatment

We can suggest the most suitable disinfection according to the needs. Furthermore, we are constantly updated on news and new technologies for the optimization of management and control systems.
Clean swimming pool, safe swimming pool, protected swimming pool

Winter care

At the end of the season, we close the pool and put the system in safety: the formation of ice causes serious damage to the pipes. We empty the pipes, lower the water levels, and put the winter cover on the pool.
At the beginning of the following season, we report the pool to the normal state of use.

Pool restoration

We can renovate your pool bringing it back to past splendors. We change the deteriorated coating, or completely restructure your bathtub by changing the system, accessories and cladding.
We carry out a global control of the pool in order to report any leaks or malfunctions of the plants.